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Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most important aspect of web development today. You've probably heard of it, but you may not know exactly what it is.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the procedure of promoting your site in search engines for specific words, phrases, or topics. Basically, the goal is to make your site appear in search engines for search terms that would benefit your site.

The process begins with an indepth analysis of your web site's content and your goals in order to generate a Keyword Report tailored to your site. The Keyword Report is a collection of words or phrases we feel would be best for optimization. After the Keyword Report is complete, we check your web site for any changes that may need to be made to the following.

  • Web Site Copy - The content and/or the structure of your web site may not be search engine friendly and may need to be updated.
  • Links and Images - Both links and images play an important role in SEO. Unfortunetly, not many web designers properly configure them.
  • Page Ranking - Page Rank is a function of Google that measures the quality of a website and the links that point to a website on a scale 0-10. We will work on your page rank by optimizing your content and providing a number of quality links to your site.

Monitoring - The Search Engine indexes are updated often, so it's important that we monitor your site on a regular basis. More and more sites are employing the methods of SEO, so a site may come along and knock your site down in the search engine index. We will work to stabalize and improve your position in the search engine results.

Each page of your site should target its own specific keywords. By doing so, visitors will be directed to the pages that match their search.

Some niches are harder to capture than others, and Search Engine Optimization is not a science, so results cannot be guaranteed. However, we have over five years of SEO experience and will provide you with a free estimate of results and a price quote.